Welcome! This website’s only purpose is to help me avoid having to type all this info up in the Bunker every time it’s updated. It’s also a convenient place to point people to, so there’s that.

The bunker sub-basement is an IRC server for erotic roleplay. It’s fun, I promise.

Suggestions, complaints, and bug reports should be addressed to me on discord.

Server Details

You should connect to the following IRC server:

  • Server: irc.erobunker.net/6667
  • Password: if you don't know the password, you're out of luck

Please note that while the server accepts plaintext connections (turns out to be lies, please use SSL for now!), it is advisable that you connect via SSL if at all possilbe (check the IRC client manual near you for more info on how to do this). Connecting via SSL will make your connection encrypted, so all your lewds aren’t transmitted in plain text and stuff. Note that some (read: probably all) IRC clients will reject the ssl certificate because of an untrusted issuer. That’s fine, just disable verification for now. I’m using Let’s Encrypt, and while it’s trusted by most browsers there might be issues as far as your OS trusted certificates go.

When you connect, you’ll automatically be dropped into the #discussion channel. This is a general “talk about stuff” channel, but please try to keep it relevant to ERP and such topics. For general chatter, you have the Bunker.

There is also a #lewd channel for general ERP purposes. You will also be dropped there. You’re welcome.

You can create new channels by using the /join #channelName command. You can get a list of all channels on the server using the /list command. General IRC shit should just work, really.

Admin Appeal

This server is pretty much a “bare minimum” setup with a few bits and bobs here and there. Please don’t break it, kay?

If it does break, let me know, and I’ll fix it. Probably.

There are no services at the moment, I trust you guys not to abuse the server. Please kindly abuse each other instead.

Other Stuff

There is no backlog yet. I’m working on it.